Lauren (elle5518) wrote in briandaubach23,


Whats your name? - - Lauren
Where are you from? - - Pelham, NH
age? - - 16
Whats your favourite MLB team? - - Red Sox
Favourite Player? - - Dauber since the beginning, baby!
Howd you find us? - - A comment in my LJ
Favorite Brian Memory. - - a different game from Tamara's where he hit a 2 run double to win it in the 9th, but also when the Sox were playing his new team last season and NESN or Fox interviewed him and talked about how the guys on the sox were his best friends in the entire world and how the best times of his life were during his time with the sox. I nearly cried.
Favorite baseball memory. - - All the Red Sox comebacks during the playoffs last season
How many games a year do you average? - - 1 or 2. Not enough, I know!
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