Joseph Anthony Bevilacqua (ozzyaintnolesbo) wrote in briandaubach23,
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Hey I love brian daubach

Whats your name? - - Joe
Where are you from? - - Nashua, NH
age? - - 16
Whats your favourite MLB team? - - Red Sox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Favourite Player? - - Daubach and Manny
Howd you find us? - - A comment in my LJ
Favorite Brian Memory. - - well he wasnt on the sox when this happened and it really doesnt have anything to do with him but i was watching a late night white sox game and i saw him playing first base and i waved at the tv and said "hello" it was wierd lol it only happened because i was so tired
Favorite baseball memory. - - I dunno maybe when pedro threw don zimmer on the ground i feel mean saying this but i chuckled
How many games a year do you average? - - 10 maybe
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