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me and my friend went to a paw sox game tonight. The reason I wanted to go was to meet brian daubach but she got out of work late and we only got standing room seats which kinda sucked, so i thought my chances of meet brian daubach were close to none. But this guy sitting next to us said that you can catch the players as they walked out to there car. So i thought why not give it a try, so we got behind where all there cars are and there were these guys and they were there like everyday to get autographs and they told mme where brian daubachs car was. THen I met these two other boys one who loved daubach too so us for waited by is car. The guys were wicked nice....we waited and waited...then he came out :) and he gave us both quick autographs cause the annoying people who are there everyday were comming. Then when we walked away and he drove by us he stoped and rolled down his window and yelled to me that he liked my shirt cause i had daubach on it Lol i know it does not sound like much. But i have had a sucky summer and that Just made my summer!!!! AHhh my so happy!


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