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Brian Daubach

Brian Daubach= love

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Welcome to the first Brian Daubach LJ Community on the Web! This is just a place for brians faithful to talk about how hes doing and whats happening with him and baseball, or, complain about the amount of playing time/respect hes getting! :D

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color=indigo>This community also is a good place to find brian/MLB extras, such as wallpaper of teams and players and icons for your journals. If you have anything to submit, you can just post a link to what you have to offer in a regular post.

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It would be greatly appreciated if you could take time to fill this out after joining.
Whats your name?
Where are you from?
Whats your favourite MLB team?
Favourite Player?
Howd you find us?
Favourite Brian Memory.
Favourite baseball memory.
How many games a year do you average?

thanks for joining!

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